Sunday, June 10, 2012

July 3 2012: NOSIG talk on SmartOS (broadcasted on Ustream)

I'm very pleased to announce the 4th Netherlands Open Solaris Interest Group.  Subject for the evening: Joyent SmartOS - Solaris for the Cloud.

Please register if you plan to attend (you'll not receive a confirmation).

Updates (29-jun-2012)
  1. Max will be in Amsterdam to present! Thanks Joyent for making this possible!
  2. We plan to broadcast this event live on Ustream. The channel to tune in to is: 
  3. Parking is most convenient on P3.  Cost: 2.40 EUR/hour. Here's more info and a PDF of the map.

I am very proud that Max Bruning from Joyent will be our speaker for the evening. Max will do 2 talks of one hour each, separated by our traditional "break - with extensive networking and socializing".
This is the first NOSIG meeting where the spotlight will be on a Solaris that is not from Oracle - which fits perfectly in the goals of NOSIG. Also, we plan to use Ustream to broadcast his presentation ... WorldWide!! Details on how to join are at the top of this page and on the NOSIG website.

Here are the details for the venue (also to be found on the NOSIG website).


University of Amsterdam
Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
Sciene Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam

(More details below)

1. Opening (at 19:30 CET)
2. Introducing the Netherlands Open Solaris Interest Group - Bart Muijzer - NOSIG leader
3. SmartOS (part 1) - Max Bruning, Joyent
  • Introduction to Joyent and to SmartOS
  • Modifications to IllumOS that Joyent made in SmartOS
  • How Zones are used for cloud provisioning

BREAK - with extensive networking and socializing

4. SmartOS (part 2) - Max Bruning, Joyent
  • SmartOS KVM implementation
5. Open floor, Q&A, discussions etc
6. Closing (around 22:00 CET)

AFTERMATH - with Snacks and Drinks

Here's how Max himself describes the flow of his presentations:

"The talk will start with a short introduction on how Joyent uses SmartOS for
our cloud products. It will then go into modifications and additions we have
made within SmartOS, and some general techniques we use in our products,
specifically with respect to zones and zfs. From there, I'll go into some
detail on how KVM works on SmartOS, and how we use it with zones for
provisioning virtual machines.

Biography for Max Bruning:
Max Bruning began using and programming Unix-based systems while obtaining a Master's degree at Columbia University in the mid 1970's. He has been teaching Unix Internals, Device Drivers, and various other courses since 1981. Max has also spent many years doing kernel development, device driver work, and debugging work, mostly on SVR4-based systems. He has done consulting and/or training work for Bell Labs, AT&T, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, HP, Siemens-Nixdorf, and various other companies. Max has had articles published on device drivers, ZFS, Solaris/Linux/Freebsd kernels, and application programming on Solaris and Linux. In September, 2010, he started porting Linux KVM to SmartOS for Joyent. His extremely occasionally written blog is at, and website is at


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